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Tuition fee €2,622 per year

In order to accept your Offer at the University of Padova, you must pay the first instalment of tuition fees. Information on 2021/22 fees is not yet available, but the amounts will be more or less the same of 2020/21.
The total amount of tuition fees due per each academic year can be significantly waived based on your “Equivalent Economic Status Index – ISEE”. For further information on how to obtain your ISEE and other income-based reductions, see: www.unipd.it/en/tuition-fees

Application fee €30 one-time

This fee is non-refundable.

Deposit €188 one-time

In order to accept your place at the University of Padua, the payment of the first instalment is required. This fee is non-refundable.

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The Cybersecurity programme focuses on the study of the design, development and evaluation of secure computer systems, which are also capable of ensuring privacy for future ICT systems. The 2-year study program is characterized by an interdisciplinary offering that collects contributions from computer science, engineering, statistics, legal-economic and organizational sciences, along with specific knowledge of the major application domains of cyberattack protection.
This Master’s degree provides for teaching only in English to facilitate integration into an international workplace, and the participation of foreign students and teachers.
The purpose of the international Master’s programme in Cybersecurity is to train qualified graduates in the field of ICT security. This programme focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of cybersecurity, so the students can meet the growing demands of society.

Programme structure

CORE UNITS: Cybersecurity and cryptography: principles and practices, Information security, Machine learning, Cognition and computation, Deep learning, Stochastic processes, Biometrics, Computer and network security: advanced topics

OPTIONAL UNITS: Human computer interaction, Law and data, Service management, Digital forensics, Quantum cryptography and security, Web applications, Vision and cognitive services, Security and risk: management and certifications, Mobile and IOT security, Game theory, Internet of things and smart cities, Foundations of databases, Software verification, Wireless networks, Formal methods for cyber-physical systems, Methods and models for combinatorial optimization

Career opportunities

Graduates will easily find jobs within companies that provide value-added products and services, such as telecom companies, game companies, e-learning, web developers, and the entertainment industry.

Graduates work as:
● Cyber Security consultant
● Security Analyst
● Cyber Security Specialist
● Information Security Architect
● Security Auditor
● Computer forensics expert
● Privacy-by-design consultant
An entrepreneurial path is also open to those who seek to start their own company to provide product or technology development, media content, business development or consultancy services.

Apply now! Academic year 2021/22
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 1, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2021/22
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Oct 1, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States