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Tuition fee €2,739 per year

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Application fee €30 one-time

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The Master’s Degree Programme aims to provide a specific knowledge in the fields of design, management and production of aerospace vehicles for atmospheric and extra atmospheric flight, including their subsystems for civil and scientific applications. Intellectual curiosity will help the student in dealing with the continuous innovation characterizing this industrial field. As for space applications in particular, students should also have the intellectual attitude to cooperate with other scientific environments, such as astronomy, planetary sciences, biosciences, etc.

Programme structure

Common Path: Aerodynamics, Aerospace structures, Manufacturing technologies, Aerospace instrumentation
Path 1 – Space Engineering: Astrodynamics, Space propulsion, Attitude control systems, Spacecraft thermal control, Vibrations, Space sensors
Path 2 – Aeronautical Engineering: Aeroelasticity, Flight dynamics, Aircraft propulsion, Aeronautical systems, Aircraft air-conditioning, Aircraft materials.

Career opportunities

Graduates can find a job in the design, management and testing sectors of national and international aerospace industries or companies, as well as in the scientific institutions carrying on the research in this sector.

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Not available for applying at the moment