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Scienze e Tecniche dell'Attività Motoria Preventiva e Adattata

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The Master’s degree provides thorough knowledge in physical activity and exercise for preventing chronic diseases and preventing their related complications from worsening, for preventing workers’ musculoskeletal diseases and for functional rehabilitation and maintenance and recovery of physical fitness. Graduates are skilled in biomechanics of movement and in functional evaluation, also considering the educational psychology perspective, to plan group activities. They are also able to understand specific age-related health problems, especially in adults and the elderly, and problems related to chronic and workers’ musculoskeletal diseases. Graduates are also expert in the latest fitness techniques and their practical applications concerning people who are in good health and people suffering from different health problems. Finally, they create, control and supervise adapted physical activity programmes for the elderly, with or without diseases, and for people with disabilities, including working disabilities, in accordance with doctor’s prescription.

Programme structure

- Curriculum “Attivita’ motoria adattata nelle patologie croniche”
- Curriculum “Pedagogico-educativo ed inclusione”

Career opportunities

Graduates put physical activity programmes into practice, in accordance with doctor’s prescription, aimed at the organisation and management of preventive and curative measures concerning health education in general and the prevention of chronic diseases and related therapy through physical exercise, the prevention of postural defects and workers’ musculoskeletal diseases, adapted physical activity for the elderly and people with disabilities. Graduates work as consultants or experts in planning and conducting physical activities in public bodies or organizations, public or private facilities for the elderly and for people with disabilities. The above-mentioned professions include: physical activities for the elderly to prevent psychomotor deficiencies; physical activities to prevent postural defects and physical recovery in post-rehabilitation in order to assure self-sufficiency; activities preventing problems caused by sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles; activities open to groups of population with specific chronic disease to whom physical exercise is recognized to be beneficial; adapted physical activities for people with disabilities aimed at maintaining their physical fitness and ensuring their social inclusion; physical activities for psychological and physical recovery as well as for social reintegration of people in reformatories, prisons or people joining community-based rehabilitation.
Within the Veneto region, graduates in Preventive and adapted physical activity are the only recognized professionals for developing exercise programmes for people with chronic diseases and putting them into practice, in accordance with doctor’s prescription (regional law no. 8 of 11 May 2015 and Decision no. 280 of 13 March 2018 of the Regional Executive).

Apply now! Academic year 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
2 Oct 2023
Apply now! Academic year 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
2 Oct 2023