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Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology

University of Padua
Italy, Padua
Department of General Psychology Italy, Via Venezia, 8 - 35131 Padua
Tuition fee €2,622 per year

In order to accept your Offer at the University of Padova, you must pay the first instalment of tuition fees. Information on 2021/22 fees is not yet available, but the amounts will be more or less the same of 2020/21.
The total amount of tuition fees due per each academic year can be significantly waived based on your “Equivalent Economic Status Index – ISEE”. For further information on how to obtain your ISEE and other income-based reductions, see: www.unipd.it/en/tuition-fees

Application fee €30 one-time

This fee is non-refundable.

Deposit €188 one-time

In order to accept your place at the University of Padua, the payment of the first instalment is required. This fee is non-refundable.

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The Master’s degree offers the latest developments in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical neuropsychology research and applications.
The programme encourages an active role for students and offers several hands-on trainings for learning TMS, tDCS, EEG, fNIRS, eye-tracking, clinical testing and advanced imaging software.
This allow students’ theoretical learning to be complemented by state-of- the art technical and practical skills.

Programme structure

Programme units: Advanced Social Psychology and Social Neuroscience; Affective Neuroscience and Psychopathology; Clinical Neuropsychology; New Concepts in Developmental Cognitive Psychology; Neuroanatomy; Neuropsychological Assesment and Rehabilitation; Neurology; New concepts in Cognitive Psychology; New trends in Neuroscience; Principles of Neuroscience and Neuropsychology; Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology, New technologies and human behaviour, Machine learning for brain and cognition, Individual differences in cognition, Cognition and computation, Human electrophysiology, Neuropsychology of aging

Laboratories: Clinical Neuropsychology assessment; Computational Neuroscience; Electroencephalography recording and analysing; Forensic Neuroscience; Kinematical recordings of movement; Non-invasive brain stimulation; Psychophysiological assessment; fNIRS laboratory

A double degree with the University of Granada (Spain) is also available with a dedicated study plan

Career opportunities

Graduates pursue professional training and career in Clinical Neuropsychology or related disciplines, having employment opportunities especially within the emerging fields: e.g. computational neuroscience, neuroergonomy, brain stimulation, brain interface. The programme represents a great starting point for PhD studies, particularly in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience.

Apply now! Academic year 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2021/22
This intake is not applicable

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States