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Animal Care

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Italy, Padua
Department of Comparative Biomedicine and Food Science Italy, Agripolis, Viale dell'Università, 16 - 35020 Legnaro (Padua)
Tuition fee €2,739 per year

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Application fee €30 one-time

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Deposit €204 one-time

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The Bachelor’s degree offers a unique educational pathway, targeting people who aim at taking professional care of animals and protecting their well-being. The programme provides knowledge, skills and competences to develop qualified human resources specialised in animal care, husbandry and welfare, able to operate in different international contexts. Multidisciplinary field experiences, including visits to zoological parks, rehabilitation centres, research facilities, are organised to introduce students to the practical activity.

Programme structure

Common path (1st-2nd year): Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Bioethics and Legislation; Animal Biology and Genetics; Animal Anatomy and Physiology; Husbandry and Welfare; Behavioral Neuroscience; Communication Skills; Prevention and Control of Transmissible Diseases; Nutrition; Comparative Reproduction; Pharmaco-Toxicology; General Pathology.

Study plans (student choice, 3rd year):

-Wild and Zoo Animals
-Animals in Scientific Research
-Aquatic Animals

Specific subjects for deepening the knowledge in each professional field of action will be taught.

Career opportunities

Graduates work in private and public organisations where management, health, welfare and preservation of animals are driven by a modern and international approach. Job opportunities include taking care of animals in a controlled environment and assisting experts in the monitoring of animals intended for recreational, research, educational, sport and assistance activities.

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Not available for applying at the moment