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Clinical, Social and Intercultural Psychology

Tuition fee €2,739 per year

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Application fee €30 one-time

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Deposit €204 one-time

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The Master’s degree offers knowledge and practical skills in different sectors of Psychology, in order to diversify the psychologist’s toolbox across interventions regarding mental health, individuals at work and societies. Contemporary societies are increasingly complex and multifaceted, requiring psychologists to deal with interculturality and multiple ethnicities in their work with both individuals and the community.

Programme structure

1st Year

• Clinical Ethnopsychology
• Intercultural Psychology
• Intergroup Relations
• Cross-cultural Issues in Personnel Psychology
• Clinical Psychology and Cultural Differences
• Assessment and Diagnosis in Clinical Neuropsychology
• Psychology of Inclusion and Social Sustainability
• Psychology of Adult Development across Cultures
• Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance in Multi-cultural Contexts
• Brain Disorders and Behaviour across Cultures
• Cross-cultural Research Methods
• Measurement and Data Analysis in Cross-cultural Research
• Sociology, Places and Cultures of Sustainability

2nd Year:

• Animal and Human Behaviour: A Comparative Perspective
• Intercultural Education
• Philosophy of Interculturality
• Etnopyschiatry
• Human Rights in Intercultural Dialogue
• Ethics and Deontology in Psychology

• Psychology for Cooperation and Sustainable Development
• Community Mediation
• Intercultural analysis of crisis and discomfort in developmental processes

Career opportunities

Graduates work as psychologists in areas with multicultural users: hospitals, education, multidisciplinary teams operating in the field of social welfare, non-profit social cooperatives
or non-governmental organisations, private and public work organisations with multi-ethnic clients and personnel.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment